Dinner etiquette in France

Cote d’AzurIf you are visiting France and friends invite you over for dinner, there are a few etiquette details that you will need to consider. Dining with the locals is a special occasion whether you do it in Paris, Marseille or the Cote d’Azur. Here are the main aspects of such celebrations that will not make you look ill-mannered in front of your hosts and escorts!

Never arrive late

French people are very punctual, and they take timing into significant consideration. They rarely accept excuses for being late. So, you have to make everything humanly possible to arrive on time for dinner, even if it means ending up a date with an escort Paris early. If you want to make friends and earn their respect, punctuality should not be one of your defects.

Bring a bottle of wine

People in France are in love with good wine; everybody knows that. Before arriving at the dinner party, your best choice is to stop by at a cellar or a winemaker and pick up a nice bottle of wine. You can even consult with the host first and inquire about the dishes they will serve, to determine the wine that best suits the meals. If you are not a connoisseur on this matter, ask one of your escorts to suggest an excellent wine for the upcoming dinner.

Bring dessert

If the host of a dinner party already has a stock full of wine, you can propose to bring some dessert. French people love a good, classy, sweet any time, so you can ultimately win their hearts with the right after dinner treat. Again, an escort Paris can provide you with valuable hints on what to bring and delight your hosts. And, if that option fails, remember that you can never go wrong with chocolate mousse.

Come with a pair

The best way to attend a French dinner party is with a pair. If you are new in town, and you do not have any lady friends that you can present to your hosts, you should ask some escorts to accompany you. These hot, sexy models love to take part in fancy dinner parties, and they will surely join you for the night.

If you come with a pair and a beautiful one on top of that, your hosts will appreciate your visit even more and place you at the top of the list for future parties.

Be open to any discussion

French people do not shy away from any subject of conversation. Before accepting an invitation to their dinner party, make sure that you do not have any taboo topics that you would prefer to avoid. Talk about this issue with your escort Paris, so that she can break the news to them before you feel offended.

Leave early

It is custom French etiquette to leave a French dinner party right after dessert. Parisians hate it when the evening drags with no purpose. So, if you had your fill, take your escorts and head for the nearest exit. Your hosts will appreciate your consideration, and they will gladly invite you again.

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