What Results Should I Expect from my SizeGenetics?

The increases in size you can expect from the leading penis enlargement system

The sole reason that SizeGenetics is considered the premier male enhancement device on the market is that it works. You’ll find tons of testimonials scattered across the internet from men just like you who have used the SizeGenetics system found at http://www.sizegeneticsfullreview.com/ and have been encouraged and then ecstatic with the results. So it’s only natural to wonder what results you can expect yourself.

With work, it’s reasonable to expect growth of at least an inch within a few months. However, this isn’t just restricted to length, as SizeGenetics results in increases in girth as well. Men who have found success using the system have seen the aforementioned increases in both length and width, so their total gains are actually several inches.

However, the results don’t end there. The SizeGenetics system works by making use of the traction principle. The enlargement device at the center of the system requires you to apply a gentle, prolonged to your penis several times a day. This stretch zones in on your corpora cavernosa, the two large pieces of sponge-like tissue that are responsible for storing the blood in your penis when you become aroused. The gains you’ll experience using SizeGenetics come as a result of your corpora cavernosa growing larger. The frequent stretches cause the cells within your corpora cavernosa to split, and between stretches, new cells are created to better cope with the demands placed on them by the stretching. Eventually, it results in a significant increase in tissue and the size increase you’ve been looking for. But as the corpora cavernosa are larger, they can hold more blood too. The result is larger, harder erections in addition to the increase in length and girth.

So in short, with SizeGenetics, you can expect up to several inches of growth in length and width, and the ability to sustain stronger erections. But the system only works if you do, so be consistent and those glorious gains will be yours too.  

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